Our Fam

Our Fam

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Long time no see...

Hey strangers!

I didn't mean to go leave this blog for so long! My last post was October so it has been way too long! Time flies when you're having fun right? ;)

Well, it is currently 12:45am on an early Wednesday morning and I'm wide awake. I guess the much needed glass of wine at 8pm followed by the cat nap did not help me at all! The kiddos were in rare form this evening. This meant early bedtime for them and early relaxation for me. Oh well, lots of coffee in the morning is always the best cure.

What have we been up to? Well, we did move to a different house in June. Hallelujah!!! This place has been wonderful and we have some really great neighbors. Some may be asking why we moved. To make it short, the other house wasn't taken care of and the landlords shouldn't be landlords. Done and done! I could go on and on to catch everyone up with our life here in DC, but I think pictures are more fun for that. :) Here you go!

 It was freezing cold (for us west coasters) and we heard it could snow. So off to Home Depot for our first snow shovel.

 Buying more Christmas lights with the dragon. For all my AZ mommies, remember when he fit into this costume at about 16months?

 Dylan learned to paint a room. I decided the seafoam green wasn't a little boy color. :)

One of Dylan's buddies, Jake. Look at the big lizard behind them. Get it now? ;)

This is the first time Dylan liked Santa. Ava...not so much.

So proud of all of his fireman stuff!
Giving Oma a check-up

I love this picture!

 They are loving snow!

 Ava's first haircut! She only got it cut so it wouldn't be a curtain over her eyes. :)

She loves The Little Gym!

Shhh! Don't tell Dylan that we get donuts while he's at school.

First public tantrum. She was pissed that I took a picture! Hee Hee!

 A trip to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. His friend, Jake, could be a tour guide. He knows so much about animals!

The Playseum in DC!

It's my birthday!!
Birthday party at Build-a-Bear, but this is all she wanted to do.

            Our friends!
Dylan's birthday at Chuck-e-Cheese's!

I thought this was so funny. I asked them to smile and they both did this!

St. Paddy's Day!!
It's one of my favs!


 Not a bad family shot! We don't get many of these.

 Ava is learning to sleep in a big girl's bed since she was climbing out of the crib. She ended up spending most nights like this. So...we ended up moving her mattress by the gate.

Had to visit the firehouse.

Getting his first pair of soccer cleats, shin guards and ball!

White House Egg Roll!
(I'm a little out of order)

Ava is asleep and won't let anyone hold her but me. Dylan is in between his good friend Sarah and her sister Taylor.

 This family shot cracks me up! Ava did not want Randy to hold her, but my arms were sooo sore. Dylan was just done! He didn't want me to take a picture. Randy and I were laughing. I love this!!

First soccer game!

 Randy was giving him pointers. Dylan was too polite in the beginning. By the end of the season he was more aggressive and scored 3 goals!

School friends!!

We took a trip down to Norfolk. One of our activities was the Children's Museum. Dylan's favorite thing was the police motorcycle.  Ava liked shopping at the grocery store.

On the way back to DC, we met up with some good friends from AZ that now live in VA too! Yep, we're at Build-a-Bear. Ava was more engaged this time!

Dylan LOVES to do gardening! He will follow Randy around for hours to "help" him.

One of my favorite pics! This was on Mother's Day!

 Finishing up his year at preschool. The parents were able to come in for a party. The kids sang to us and we had sundaes.

Being goofy with friends!

Last day of (3-yr old) preschool!

End of The Little Gym Season. Ava has the ribbon hanging up in her room.

Best buds or maybe even crush at 4 years old. Hmmm...;)

I just like this one because it was impromptu.

Dylan's first secret haircut.

 Military day at Six Flags!

 Soccer team at the end of the year party. Cute group of kiddos!

My favorite of the 15 selfies that Dylan took with my phone when I wasn't looking.

Date Night!!

 The Fourth of July from the Pentagon

 Trip to the waterpark!

Getting ready for our trip to California!!
 We've been busy, but I have to admit it was fun looking through all of the pictures to remind myself of all that we did!

I'll try to be better about this blog from now on. It is now 1:45am and I'm going to try to sleep. Wish me luck!!