Our Fam

Our Fam

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fired Up!

It's naptime for the kiddos! Woohoo! I love this part of the day because I can do whatever I want without having to worry about dirty diapers, hungry kids, cleaning up messess and whether they are getting along or I need to intervene. As many of you moms know, we don't get hit with just one "emergency", but at least two at a time if we're lucky. :)

This has been a great week not only for the kids, but me as well. I always chuckle when I think about the process of meeting new friends when I move to a new place. I feel like I'm stalking these could be friends. LOL! I've done this enough to have this inner feeling of who I would really get along with. So...the main place for stalking, I mean making new friends is at the Little Gym.;) For the last four weeks, we've had a class or practice three days out of the week. Well, this week I got two numbers! It sounds like I'm picking up guys in a bar huh? :)

One of these moms is a Director for Mary Kay. She had a "Night of Glamour" party last week and I got an invite. I hadn't been to a Mary Kay party before and I have to say that it was fun! This was the first time I was able to go out with just girls and I got to play with make-up. Fun right?! If only there was wine too, but I guess you have to be careful with tipsy ladies putting on make-up. :) I ended up buying a few items.
Bronzer because I was out. This one doesn't have the shimmer that I'm use to. :(

Eye primer to keep my make-up on ALL day.

Firming eye cream because at 35 I need that. :)
 The eye make-up remover and mascara were a part of a free gift!

Plus I won a foot scrub in a raffle and got a lotion just for coming! Great girls night!

Their Ultimate Mascara is awesome!!!  My eyelashes looked so great! I actually looked like I belong with the rest of my fam. For those that don't know, Randy, Dylan and Ava all have beautiful ridiculously long eyelashes! 

This a good pic of Dylan's eyelashes!

Frankly, I kind of like the idea of emailing her what I want and we make the exchange at Little Gym or a playdate. Very convenient!

The day after Mary Kay night I had a Celebrate & Connect meeting for Thirty-One.

I had arranged for a new neighbor friend to come watch the kids while I went. Unfortunately, she no-showed!! Yikes! Thankfully, the host had said her house was kid-friendly because I showed up with mine! I also agreed to drive another consultant, who I hadn't met before, to the meeting so we were a group when we arrived.

As I was chatting with the host, we quickly came to realize we had a lot in common. Her hubby flies the same helo that Randy flew in the Navy.

We were in Norfolk at the same time, they lived in Hawaii too (not at the same time as us) and they are heading to San Diego in September. Our kids are about the same age and she is a Director for Thirty-One. Crazy huh?! Well, I'm not a director yet, but that is where I'm headed!

This meeting got me so excited about really kick starting Thiry-One out here that as some of you may know, I've already made some changes. :) So...now I have a Thirty-One blog, email and work phone number. I'm working on a facebook page. Thirty-One doesn't allow consultants to have their name in an email or domain name so I had to choose one. Meet The Sassy Purse Lady! :) I'm excited at where my business is going to go!

If this isn't enough...I also lost 2 pounds! I have to give a shout-out to my friend Roselyn. I firmly believe that the HIIT workout you sent me is what helped those pounds run away!

So...new friends, a recharge in the business, getting healthy; all these make for a great week. Can we do two in a row? I'm crossing my fingers!  :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Waking Up the Runner

I've discovered that we moved into a neighborhood where the residents like to be outside. This is  completely opposite from Goodyear, AZ, but let's face it...who wants to be outside when it is over 100 degrees? ;)  Even though the mosquitos LOVE me,

I take the kiddos out everyday which makes for a great nap in the afternoon.

This outdoor option also creates a window of opportunity for the runner in me to resurface. I've missed her.

Just finished running a local 10K in March
We have a path that goes around the perimeter of our area creating a 2.5 mile run. The path takes a break halfway through the run, but it is on a quiet street so not too bad. Let me just say now, this is NOT an easy just-get-back-into-running run. There is a serious hill not to mention a series of smaller hills! This morning I wiped the dust of my shoes

and tackled this run. When I say tackled, I mean I finished it...not that it was one of my best runs. ;) My legs were a bit stiff and my face was the color of my fushia shirt, but I finished. For anybody driving by, I'm sure I looked like I was struggling. LOL!

For those on Facebook, you may have seen that I'm on the hunt for a jogger stroller. Everyone who has given me advice has recommended the BOB.

Thankfully I'm only looking for a single because these strollers can get pricey. I was thinking of buying a less expensive one, but the reviews weren't really selling me so I guess I'm saving for the BOB. :) Dylan starts school on Sept. 11th so I have almost a month to rally some money together for my stroller! It's worth it! Once I master the hilly neighborhood run with Ava in a stoller, I will be buff! I don't think I will be running the entire path the first couple of times. :)

Even though I love going to the gym, it will be home workouts for me over the next three years. Between the stroller, my plethora of videos including P90X and all of the great trails in the area, I'm excited to get transformed! I want to go from a mom in decent shape after two kids to a kickass mom that doesn't look like she had two kids. Here we go!